Application of Technomark EL Lamps in Specific Markets     

Point of Purchase Displays

The Technolight™ electroluminescent (EL) product line from Technomark is ideal for applications for EL lighting systems in which environmental conditions must be withstood such as the Outdoor POS; banners, billboards, POP, etc. Our unique Technolight technology produces a solid all-polymer lamp combining the ability to meet tough environmental requirements with high reliability while maintaining the advantages of low cost.  The result is a lighting system returning high-tech performance at consumer application pricing.

Resistance to Humidity:

            The phosphor materials used in Technolight lamps are prepared to be moisture resistant. Together with the proprietary chemistry applied in the Technolight construction, this produces a lamp with a level of moisture resistance previously only available with packaged lamps. Technolight lamps operate at 90%± 5% relative humidity and can be stored long term at 80%; for low temperature operation, direct contact with condensed moisture should be avoided. 

Termination Options:

            The printed construction of the Technolightä lamps allows infinite flexibility and variation in design format.  Together with the efficiencies which arises from the selective deposition of the phosphor material, providing both additional brightness and reduced power for a given application, this allows the inclusion of printed non-metallic (patented) terminals within the envelope of the lamp allowing ease of assembly. 

Wide Range of Operating Points:

            The construction of the Technolight lamps allows efficient functioning of the EL lamps to be achieved over a wide range of voltages (25-250 V rms.) and a wide range of frequencies (45-2000 Hz) without objectionable mechanical vibrations.

Low Costs:

While Technolight electroluminescent lamps from Technomark perform better than the EL lamps available only in high-tech applications just a few years ago, their simplified structure and the Technomark approach leads to a significantly lower cost lamp.  Not only is the product intrinsically inexpensive, but the ability to print the lamp phosphor only where it is needed provides additional cost savings.  Together with the efficiency in driving the lamp (longer battery life and brighter light) Technolight provides a high reliability lamp at a price point suitable for today’s consumer applications.

Thin and Flexible:

            Technolight lamps have an all-polymer construction which results in a thin (0.010 to 0.012 inches thick) flexible product. The lamps can be flexed mechanically with no damage, making them ideal for applications in apparel and personal safety gear. This flexibility permits ease of handling and assembly in conditions with little spare room. In addition, application of the illuminated surface provided by EL to curved surfaces permits novel and appealing applications not available with other lighting schemes. No bulky housing is needed for the lamp, and no extra space or expense is required for diffusers and reflectors.

Form Factor:

Since Technolight lamps are printed, the shape of the lamp can essentially be arbitrary. Not only does this allow unique and creative displays to be made, but logos or ideograms can be rendered in light.  In addition, uniquely shaped objects such as backlights for keypads can be made just as easily as the conventional rectangular lamps, which for so long were the only style available and are still the only option with some manufacturers.

Efficient and Cold:

            Electroluminescent lamps waste no energy on heat.  Thus, not only is the minimum power needed, preserving battery life, but there are no thermo-management concerns with the display.  Technolight lamps can stay constantly lit with no damage to their surroundings or sign graphics.


            Patented technology available only with Technolightäelectroluminescent lamps for the first time permits the construction of displays with independently addressable segments.  This technology removes the well-known problems of ghost images and trace illumination from the electrode structure in the lamp.  As a result, Technolightä lamps are ideal for annunciators, quantitative readouts, multi-language signage, and eye-catching reverse-contrast displays.  With the intrinsic low cost of Technolightä lamps, this capability opens possibilities that are simply impractical with other methods of illumination.



The all-polymer construction of Technolight lamps, creates an intrinsically strong lamp which will survive all but the most sever treatment during the course of handling for storage, inspection, test, assembly and service.  While this strength is unique, due to the proprietary chemistry used in the lamp manufacture, it is of course possible to inadvertently damage the lamps or their performance through mistreatment. Here we provide some guidelines for the handling of the lamps.

Mechanical:  Lamps should be stored flat in small bundles. Care should be taken not to allow the front surface of the lamps (the polyester substrate) to become scratched.  In particular, lamps to which plastic or metal connectors have been attached should be stored so that no abrasion of a lamp surface can be caused by the termination for a neighboring lamp.  Likewise, the back surface of lamps constructed without a final dielectric layer may be abrasive, and if storage is organized so that his surface is in contact with the front surface of a neighboring lamp, damage my occur.

Lamps should be stored so that no folds or kinks will be worked into the lamp.  While the Technolightä product is flexible, storage or shipping in a manner in which the lamp can be folded or formed may cause difficulties.

In cases where the lamps have long tails, care again should be taken to avoid kinking of the tails.  In addition if assembly of the lamp into the final application requires double bending or impressing an “S” shape to the tail, the customer should ensure that Technolight has been aware of this during the design stage. 

Technolight lamps can be worked over a 0.125 inch mandrill, but kinking or folding will destroy the lamp.

Rupture:  Technolight lamps are designed to be cut and continue to function.  However, it is not recommended to expect to cut lamps to satisfy fully all the environmental requirements that an unpunctured lamp will satisfy.  Similarly lamps which are punctured or pinched may show degradation at the site of penetration.  In addition, such damage may cause failure as a result or shorting between the front and back electrodes.