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The Technolight product line has taken what has traditionally been a custom designed product made per the unique specifications and requirements of the customer, and standardized it into an off the shelf item that can be applied in various signage scenarios. 

These “shapes and sizes” will allow distributors to stock these items and respond to customer’s backlit signage needs quickly. The EL backlighting system, which we refer to as “The Technolight Signage system”; will revolutionize the use of EL in the signage world!

This flat, slim, green, energy efficient, lightweight, low power, flexible product can make customers jump with ideas on how to use it and vast numbers of ideas on how to sell it. 

It lends itself well to a distribution type sales channel that utilizes a multi-branch, multi-location system that sells standard catalog items purchased directly from the distributor’s inventory.

The product requires superior technical knowledge in its production; but not in its application. The product is extremely user friendly when using in any kind of signage application. Therefore the sales force needs the basics of EL and how it can be applied; but not the kind of engineering prowess that goes with complex, custom made electrical products. 

Technolight’s distributors are well positioned to service customers with fast service, support, and product inventory. Backlighting your signage has never been easier with this easy to use product!  

Simply determine your backlighting area (square inches); pick the appropriate shapes and sizes to fill that area; pick the inverters to power the square inches you have; pick the connectors for the number of wires you have; and order the parts.

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