Technolight™ product line offers standard EL signage system

December 21, 2010
Minneapolis, MN-  Technomark, Inc.,announces the development of a new EL product line called “TECHNOLIGHT” that is now available online at  This new TECHNOLIGHT product line is outlined below.
New Standard EL backlighting system 
The incredible new Technolight website now offers customers the opportunity to learn about EL; understand its benefits, choose the products it needs for any application, and place the order online. The clarity of information and ease with which you can create your own EL backlighting system makes Technolight the best and most convenient way to backlight your signage products. With the new Technolight EL signage system, backlighting your product just got easier and also much greener!

Some of the exciting product benefits are:
  • High contrast even in high ambient light situations
  • Uniform lighting
  • Transparent displays
  • Upscale look
  • Thin/lightweight
  • Strong/durable
Taking what has traditionally been a custom designed product and now offering a full line of off-the-shelf products, the Technolight electroluminescent (EL) product line offers new opportunities to incorporate cool, thin, uniform panels of light into a wide variety of advertising applications. Technomark’s patented EL technology allows for large illuminated areas; selective printing of EL on a given substrate, and the most robust and durable EL light in the business. Our Technolight product line allows for signage applications using the EL backlight system of shapes and sizes which can be “tiled” together to accommodate all types of signage configurations. This new product offering makes backlighting sign applications easy and affordable. Here are some of the incredible environmental benefits:
  • Technolight EL panels have very low power consumption compared to standard lighting options; using 70% to 90% less power
  • Technolight EL panels are also very efficient; converting 85% of energy into light
  • Technolight EL panels do not generate any heat during use
  • Technolight EL panels have low environmental impact and contain no mercury.


TECHNOMARK, INC. Acquires Assets of MetroMark, Inc. to Expand Business. 

Technomark, Incorporated acquires the assets of MetroMark, Inc. to expand its industrial silkscreen printing business and increase its interface control solutions offerings.

January 18, 2010 – Minnetonka, MN., − Technomark, Incorporated, a leading industrial printing company producing membrane switches, graphic overlays, rubber keypads, EL panels, and integrated interface control solutions, has acquired the assets of MetroMark, Inc.

Existing MetroMark, Inc. assets, customer base, manufacturing capabilities, equipment, and facilities will be folded into the Technomark, Incorporated group, and will become an on-going part of the company. Aside from the asset purchase, various employees from the MetroMark, Inc. business have taken positions within the Technomark business group. “I am delighted to be joining Technomark, Incorporated, a premier printing company. Being part of a larger organization will enable us to provide a greater array of services to our clients thanks to all the resources available at Technomark,” said Bill Ward.

“This strategic acquisition of the MetroMark, Inc. assets will bolster our manufacturing capabilities,” said Joe Kuhn, President of Technomark, Incorporated. “We are thrilled to be able to expand our business and provide added services and products for our valued customers. Technomark, Inc. is committed to providing that same quality, customer care and service for those previous MetroMark, Inc. customers as it welcomes them into our business. ,” he concluded.

About Technomark, Inc.
Technomark Incorporated, headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, is a leading industrial silkscreen printing company focusing on providing high quality membrane switches, graphic overlay, EL panels, and rubber keypads. Technomark has been providing these products for over 20 years; and has established itself as a valued strategic partner for companies throughout the US. Visit