Electroluminescent (EL) lighting panels have many creative and innovative possibilities for backlit product or sales and marketing applications.

Imagination is the only limitation.


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Electroluminescent (EL) lamps have very low power consumption compared to standard lighting options; using 70% to 90% less power.



"My "EL" lighting was a smash! Some fellow student were freaking out, and it attracted the attention of quite a few professionals.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the 14" circle had an adhesive surface! Thanks for that! It made the application of my 14" fm brain logo a snap!"

-Frank Masi: Advertising Student


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How do EL lamps work? An EL lamp is a loose parallel-plate capacitor. In other words, it’s an electronic device that is electrically charged and then loses its energy in the form of light. To do this an EL lamp requires an AC current which is applied to both plates. The current allows energy to build up within a phosphor layer between the plates, and the energy is released as light during each half cycle of the AC current (when the electrical field or charges applied to the plates alternate). The number of times that the field changes within a given time period (the frequency of the current) influences the brightness of the light emitted by the phosphor.

Technomark offers the Technolight™ EL Signage system which is comprised of the following products: EL panels-----in shapes consisting of squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, half circles, rounded corner squares, and long rectangles. These shapes come in different sizes so as to allow flexibility in application and also provide multiple combinations for your particular sign. EL inverters/power sources-----there are 7 different inverters to choose from. They have different capabilities depending on the amount of square inches you would like to light. They are matched to work with Technolight EL panels, have on-off-flash modes, and provide lighting at the frequency and voltage recommended for Technolight products. EL connectors-----there are 3 different connectors to choose from. They are designed for easy use and make the installation of the EL system quick and easy. They are capable of accommodating 1-2 wires; 2-5 wires, or 2-8 wires for larger installations with multiple EL panels and multiple EL inverters. .


EL lamps have very low power consumption compared to standard lighting options; using 70 to 90% less power.
EL lamps are also very efficient; converting 85% of energy into light.
EL lamps do not generate any heat during use.
EL lamps have low environmental impact and contain no mercury.
EL Lamps are flat, flexible and durable and can be folded for certain applications. This flexibility can also be a benefit when packaging and transporting.
EL has minimal casting of shadows due to large area, distributed light source.
EL lamps can be cut or punctured without loss of functionality (provided the primary leads are not severed).
EL lamps are produced with standard screen printing equipment in ambient environment. EL Lamps require AC power or will operate on DC (batteries) when combined with an inverter to convert the output to AC.
EL lamps can be setup to dim the light output, depending upon the type of power supply used.
EL lamps have very good readability and viewing angle tolerance EL lamps show high contrast even in high ambient light situations and have no glare